Terms, outline contracts & pricing

Units are currently available for letting only. Click here to find out details of the units currently available.

There are proposed reductions in rateable values for all our units, offering significant savings - contact us for details.

Letting - the standard contract is 3 years, although we are happy to let for shorter terms than this. We realise that businesses sometimes want to retain a greater degree of flexibility in their planning, and that a shorter let may suit their timescales. Just call us on 01244-660-232 and we can discuss what would suit you.

Insurance and space heating are arranged on a central contract. All other services are by individual contract between the tenant and the service provider.

Tenants have the flexibility to make alterations to the interior layout. We're happy to accommodate your particular needs, and will assist in helping you find contractors if required. Alternatively, we can manage the job for you, if that is what you would prefer.